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About E&TheP

“I was as honored that they chose me to work with as they were to work with me.” 
- Oz Fritz (Producer / Grammy Award winning engineer)

Soul-ternative pop-rock power duo, Erin & The Project, have been touring the United States non-stop.  In May 2012, the couple sold and stored their belongings, purchased an old conversion van, and set out on a 4 year long wild adventure as full time musicians and “van lifers”!  They are currently working on songs for a new album at their home studio in Livingston, MT.

E&P’s sound is eclectic and raw, yet smooth and sultry, with passionate delivery of powerhouse vocals akin to Joss Stone, Sade, Annie Lennox, and Anouk.  Their musical influences range from Peter Gabriel to Chaka Khan.

For their EP release titled, "A LITTLE LOVE", Erin & The Project worked with producer and Grammy Award winning engineer, Oz Fritz, at Prairie Sun Recording Studios in Petaluma, CA.  Their single, “Promises”, was mixed and mastered by multi-Grammy winner, Tchad Blake.

It all began with a chance encounter at a concert in San Francisco.  Erin had just come home from college.  Paul “The Project”...well, let’s just say he had just been through hell and back.  They met, fell in love, started writing songs, got married, then quit their day jobs to live on music.  

Erin’s musical background started out at a young age in community theatre, and lasted through her college years.  Later on, she branched out into studying Indian classical music and vocals with the great Maestro Ali Akbar Khan at The Ali Akbar College of Music in Marin County, CA.  In addition, she spent some time singing with the Oakland Bay Area Community Chorus, led by Bill “The Jazz Professor” Bell.

Paul is an alumni student of the renowned drum instructor, Chuck Brown.  He has managed and owned multiple recording studios, and is an accomplished producer and engineer.